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25.02.-27.02.2020 Nuremberg, Hall 4A Booth 4A-100

Overview of our new cameras and camera solutions, interfaces of the SDK as well as new know-how and technologies.


NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Smart Camera - Machine Vision, Deep Learning and customized Image Processing
  • robust, climatically and thermally optimized housing for industrial applications
  • ABS offers the adaption of housing construction and production of carrier boards
  • integration of various image sensors or sensor modules is possible on customer request
  • powerful multi-GPU accelerated processor platform (256-core NVIDIA Pascal GPU, hex-core ARMv8 64-bit CPU complex, dual-core NVIDIA Denver 2, quad-core ARM Cortex-A57) with scalable power consumption and operable with up to 6 image sensors ( 4 full HD streams possible)
  • Application of various programming frameworks is possible by TensorRT as high-performance interface. Therefore e.g. TensorFlow, Caffe2, PaddlePaddle, Chainer, Pytorch, mxnet, theano, or Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit can be used.
  • Reduced development efforts due to usage of neural networks, artificial intelligence, and existing programming libraries to implement machine learning, image processing, and intelligent control with short time-to-market. Classical image processing can be realized in the hardware without a PC.
  • Interfaces can be customized: USB3.0 Typ A, USB 2.0 Micro-AB, HDMI, PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet, wireless (Bluetooth 4.1, WLan 802.11ac).
  • Use the possibility to implement your own image processing with this adaptable offthe-shelf camera concept with open programming infrastructure!


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High End 5 Megapixel sophisticated polarisation camera
  • Camera is also available with 12 megapixels, active or passive cooling
  • simultaneous recording of 4 polarization directions (0, 90, 45 and 135) per macropixel with more than 80 fps (5 MP) or more than 30 fps (12 MP)
  • Special software for real time video display and evaluation
  • Digital freely programmable opto-decoupled inputs/outputs (2 each)
  • 1 TTL trigger input (fast), USB3.1 Gen 1 interface
  • Application fields: Detection of scratches and surface defects, detection of mechanical stress in glass or plastics, suppression of light reflection, separation of foreground/object and background, contrast enhancement with low dynamics or shadows, shape recognition in low-contrast scenes, discrimination of direct and reflected light, economical alternative to polarimeter
Climate chamber camera for usage in extreme environmental conditions
  • cold and heat resistant camera system for a temperature range from -40C to +140C
  • integrated heating and special compressed-air based cooling system
  • user-friendly camera control and video documentation software K3-Studio with timer-controlled live image recording, time stamp, image display, time lapse, optional: event-triggered image capture
  • Application fields: surveillance in production and process monitoring in climate chamber, cooling and dehumidifying chamber, drying chamber, biotechnology, food and packaging industry, eyepiece imaging (e.g. telescope testing)
  • The system comes with a specially designed control software, special connecting hose with customer-specific wall feedthrough, and a accessories kit containing power supply, cable set, e-box, and frame grabber card.
  • Optional: protection class IP69K, conformity to autoclaving, pressure
    up to 6 bar

Measuring systems for surface analysis, laser triangulation, 3D-scans, profile measurement
  • The new laser triangulation line scanner series from the smallest MH5 with 5 mm to the largest MH1000 with a 1000 mm height measuring range from the ABS is specially adapted to the requirements of industrial automated, inline 100%-inspection tasks.
  • These measuring systems allow contact-free measurements of height, length, bending angle as well as gap analysis, diameter tests, position  determinations, location examination and profile comparison with, for example, 1170 scans per second at a resolution of 2048 pixels per line
  • Data processing and control is possible with ABS 3D software or via SDK or with interface to other software environments (e.g. Halcon).
  • Hardware and ABS software can be customized and adapted as well as being integrated into existing production facilities.
  • The FPGA- and DSP-supported data preprocessing in the devices ensures ressource-saving and low-latency data output.

Special solutions for multispectral microscopy inspection tasks
  • The combination of a high-sensitive ABS SWIR camera (wavelength range: 900 nm to 1700 nm) and an infrared microscope from Seiwa makes it possible to solve inspection tasks through various, normally non-transparent surfaces such as MEMS/MOEMS, multi-stack modules (3D stacks, 3D-ICs), wafers, photovoltaic, wafer level chip scale package (CSPs) etc.
  • The user-friendly camera and operating software ImageCapture-I achieves best possible image quality through image enhancement algorithms and correction mechanisms.
  • SWIR cameras of the ABS can be operated via USB2.0 on any PC or notebook.
  • Thermoelectric cooling (TEC) increases the sensitivity even further.


Spectral stabilized light for high-precision lighting tasks
  • By means of current, voltage and temperature stabilization, the SLS generates a spectrally constant and reproducible light scene.
  • The corresponding software SmartControl records values for current, temperature and regulation and allows convenient control of the light source (intensity, trigger, interval operation etc.) and evaluation / processing of the data with the PC.
  • Different LED modules with different power, spectral properties (color composition) and light intensity distributions can be operated with the electronics.
  • The LED modules are recognized automatically and can be cooled or heated to target temperatures using thermoelectric cooling.
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from 25.02.-27.02.2020 in Nuremberg, hall 4A booth 4A-100.

We are looking forward to talking with you about the realization of your demanding camera, image processing and electronics tasks at the embedded world 2020!



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