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Press Release - News & Innovations 2012




PCIe interface solution for high-end camera PK51xxx and ...

ABS has developed a cable based PCIe interface for the use in the PK51xxx high-end cameras.

Data rates up to 800 MByte/s (sustained) can be reached by the Cable PCIe interface which can be used universally for measurement systems. The concept allows cable lengths up to 7 m.

The camera contains a powerful DSP (BF548 of Analog Devices) and an FPGA (ECP3 of Lattice) which allows to carry out extensive image preprocessing with high data rates.
The system can be installed on all PCs with PCIe V2.0 or higher and a free x4 slot. The camera family supports the CCD sensor family from Truesense Imaging (Kodak KAI) with image resolutions up to 29 megapixel and frame rates up to 120 fps.

The ABS holds the know-how for bidirectional PCIe connections to PCs and PowerQUICC™ communication processors (Freescale).
Among other purposes the PCIe interfaces are perfectly suited for high-performance data transfer with measurement boards, laser printing systems and fast logic analyzers.


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