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Press Release - News & Innovations 2013




New Generation of the USB camera family with USB3.0 interface

The camera specialist ABS GmbH Jena integrates the USB3.0 interface for his mini camera family.

At the embedded world 2013 fair the new USB3.0 camera model UK31053 with the integrated 1,3 megapixel global shutter sensor from e2v will be presented.
The 1/1,8" imaging sensor possesses squared 5,3m pixels and is available as color and monochrome version.
The maximum frame rate of 60 fps at full resolution allows the observation of fast moving objects. Sensor frame rate can be increased considerably by selecting an image section (AOI, Area Of Interest).

The camera is based on a platform with a real maximum data transfer rate of 400 MByte/s. Thus the UK31053 camera is significantly faster than former USB2.0 or GigE models.

Special camera features are single row mode (line camera operation with 20000 lines of 1280 pixels per second), multi-AOI mode, HDR mode, and fast restart after parameter change.


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